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Concept Seating

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Synchronicity II
Synchronicity II
Mid Back
Mid back
High Back
High back
  • All Steel Frames
    Seven and Ten-guage steel maintains original tensile strength and rigidity over years of heavy-duty use
  • Seven Leg Base Tested to 10,000 pounds; added stability locks in center of gravity, eliminates tipping, and is easier to move than 5-legged chairs.
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Wheel Casters We specify the toughest materials for these load-bearing stress points, and conduct exhaustive component testing prior to chair assembly.
  • Dymetrol Suspension Buoyant stretch "floating on air" suspension cushions torso with optimal tension; prevents spine compression; bounces back instantly when weight is lifted; no springs to squeak, rust, break or flatten.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Air Lumbar (option) Pump it up to cushion back and maintain proper spine alignment while writing, computing, phoning and monitoring.
  • Knee Tilt Control and Waterfall Front: Natural curvature of frame, combined with Dymetrol Suspension, prevents compression of leg nerves and promotes optimal circulation in every sitting position. Forward pivot point for knee action eliminates any vertical knee strain while tilting, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Replaceable Covers Fabrics can wear, but our frames are virtully indestructible. Bring back that "brand new" look in minutes, even after years on the job. In a matter of minutes, a replacement cover makes your chair new again. Or, easily remove your cover to clean or repair. Cover Grades: Several cover options in a variety of colors and textures let you specify a chair that stands up to anything a hard day can dish out. Essential Collection with ChairGuard 24/7: 100% Polyester; 1-million double rub fabric featuring our exclusive stain-fighting technology.
  • Logos or artwork can be embroidered into chair back or head rest.
  • Top Quality Fabrics and Leather
  • Full adjustable support
  • Wide range of height adjustments
  • Six-year and four-year Warranties
View Fabrics (Colors vary according to your monitor)
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