Dispatch Workstation Planning Data

In Preparation for our meeting and to enable us to further quantify the benefits to your organization, we would appreciate having this planning information before we meet.

Organization ___________________________

Contact or Project Leader_________________

Address_______________________________ City ________________

State _____ Zip ________ Phone _____________ Fax ___________

Email ____________________

When are you planning to replace or add consoles?

In the next 30 days ___ 90 days ___ 6 months ___ 9 months ___ other ___

Are you planning to replace older consoles? 

Yes___ No___
How many console workstations are you planning?

Are you planning all new consoles?

Yes___ No___
How many console workstations are you planning? _____________



What are the dimensions and shape of the dispatch room? _____W _____ L _____ H

A. The dispatch room area obstructions: ________________________________

B. Each dispatch area and shape: _____W _____ L Shape __________________

C. Can you provide a scale drawing? Yes___ No ___

D. How will power and communications cables enter the workstation?

A side wall ____ The ceiling ____ The floor ____


How long is the average dispatchers shift? 8hr ___.10hr___ 12 hr___ 24hr___

Are you considering ergonomic chairs for the dispatchers? Yes ___No___

If yes, are you considering a 24/7-usage chair? Yes ___ No ___

What chair manufacture brands are under consideration?


Height adjustable surfaces? Yes ___ No ___

Fully electrically controlled, ___ or manual hand crank____

Standard desk height adjustment (24" to 34")? Yes ___ No ___

Sit-stand fully height adjustment (28" to 44")? Yes ___ No ___

Dual surface computer console? Yes ___ No ___

Work surfaces laminate color preference? ______________

Will either work surface adjust loads up to 250lbs ___ 450lbs ___ 1000 lbs___

If your project will need a custom shaped console surface, please provide a line drawing with dimensions


Please indicate how many consoles and number of each piece of equipment with their dimensions that will be required per console.

Command ConsolesDispatch ConsolesOther Consoles
Number of Monitors_______         _______         _______        
CPUs         _____________________________________________
Radio Units_____________________________________________
Other Equip._____________________________________________

Please provide any additional console profiles on separate sheet.


If we can provide three proposals, will you be required to go out for bid? Yes ___ No ___

In addition to the console installation will there be a need for computer and communication wiring, installation? Yes ___ No ___

What is the process to follow to best work you and your department on this project? ___________________________________________________________________________

Since we will be discussing the benefits of investing in a new dispatch system, please would you provide me with the names of other project team members.

Are there two dates that would be convenient for your project team to meet our
design team to discuss the project?

1) _________ time ______ or     2) _________ time ______

Additional Comments, Questions, or Information:

Please answer and return by fax. (866) 422-4031

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