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  Headrest Height

Adjust the headrest so that your head fits comfortably into the contoured part of the headrest.

With both hands as shown, lift the headrest straight up. As the headrest moves up, it will "click" in 1/2 inch increments, totaling five "clicks". Stop at any of these "clicks". When you've reached the highest point, the headrest will lower itself to the lowest position.

As the headrest is moved up, it will also adjust the depth passively due to the angled design. Loosen the knob under the arm slightly (located under the seat), slide the armrest to the width desired and securely tighten.
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Model and Features of the 8000-H1 series
8500-H1 medium seat
8600-H1 contoured seat, knee tilt optional
8700-H1 deep contoured seat, knee tilt optional
8800-H1 large seat, knee tilt optional
headrest depthheadrest height
back heightWidth
lumbararmrest swivel
backrest deptharm height
backrest anglearmrest width
seat heightseat angle tension
seat angle or tiltOptional Footrest

Ergonomic Adjustments

The 8000-H1 Series is the epitome of ergonomic excellence, constructed to satisfy even the most discriminating consumers. Its upper back support is combined with a two-way adjustable headrest. The inflatable lumbar and variety of seat pans and styles ensure that the individual has a chair that indeed casts the appropriate image.
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