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Mark Benden MS CPE
is a certified professional Ergonomist. He is the Vice President of Engineering and NEET Team Coordinator. Mark was a safety and ergonomics engineer at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) for six years and ergonomic consultant prior to J&J.

Matha Craig MS AEP
joined NP from Alcoa where she was a Safety Engineer, She previously worked as an ergonomic consultant. Martha is one of NP's Territory Managers, and is available to provide regional client support.

Marsha Fairburn
has over fifteen years experience as a safety professional with Federal OSHA. During this tenure, she served as compliance officer, training officer and Area Director, as well as monitoring State OSHA programs in California and Arizona. Marsha has a B.S. in Business Administration and is also one of NP's Regional Sales Directors.

Jerome J. Congleton, PhD, PE, CPE
completes the team as the inventor of the Neutral Posture® Chair and the Director of the NEET Team.

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