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  Mats and Knee Pads 
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Workstation Kneeling Mats

  • Made of heavy, resilient, closed-cell foam
  • Thick 1" foam guarantees comfort while kneeling
  • Beveled edges, helps prevent slips and trips
  • Hugs the floor
  • Won't absorb water
  • Self extinguishing
  • Pain free kneeling reduces low back stress
  • Decreases comp time
  • Providing Ego Kneel mats to your workers, shows them that you care
Six convenient sizes
Size Each   Per Case   Model
14" x 21"125010
16" x 28"125020
18" x 36"6 5030
24" x 36"6 5032 Large
36" x 60"6 5035 XL
36" x 84"
3 ft x 7ft x 1"
2 sheets5070 Giant

Kneeling and Standing Mats

Size Each Per Case Model
4" x 6" 6(6x6pks) 5000 Pocket Kneeler
8" x 16" 24 5040 Handy Mat w/handle
14" x 21" 12 5050 Handy Mat w/handle
3 ft x 7 ft x 1" 2 5060 Sheet Stock straight edge
3 ft x 7 ft x 1/2" 3 6060 Ground Blanket
Delivery is included within continental USA
Firepole Landing Pad
Landing pad
Full one inch of impact protection. Will not absorb water. Self-extinguishing, self adheres to floor, can be hosed down. (#FP100)
Boot Pads
boot inserts
Ergokneel Boot Insoles A full one inch thick. For standing food processors. (Product #5002)
Per Dozen
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Simply roll SOFT KNEES® into a tight roll and insert into the opening in the bottom of the double knee. Minimal enlargement of the opening may be necessary. A hand stitch or fabric cement (Tear Mender is recommended) can prevent unraveling. SOFT KNEES® are for workers who frequently kneel for short periods such as electricians, plumbers, millwrights, welders, carpenters, etc. The sturdy, lightweight SOFT KNEES® molded pad is barely noticeable to the worker when standing and walking, unlike the heavy, cumbersome strap-on knee pad.
  • are always in place,
  • are ready to protect the knee from hard surfaces
  • are waterproof; provide a moisture barrier when working on damp surfaces
  • provide cushioned stabilization when working on ladders
  • reduce the risk of knee injury
  • reduce fabric damage
  • remain in the overalls for laundering
  • Item #1010
SOFT KNEES®, Item #1010 (24 pads/case)
    Distributed by Chair-Pros Catalog

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