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What can Questionnaire AutomationTM do for you?

Put it on your web site, and you can interview your contacts automatically. You can recommend something based on what they said, and tell them immediately,
You can collect the information, and collate the answers with others. Review the information at your leisure.

Imagine that! You can have 'personal' conversations with thousands of people... and not be there.

Why do you need Questionnaire AutomationTM?

There are many ways to use TQ...
  • Sales
    Present products and gather information from customers

  • Human Resources
    Gather resumes and applications. Inform employees. Interview.

  • Project Administration
    Track specific topics from different workers and keep posted.

  • Education
    Teach and test
  • Professional Practice
    Gather information from clients and patients, and present information at the same time. Diagnose and Interview. Speed Paperwork.

  • Marketing
    Compare groups statistically

  • CRM
    Customer Relations Management. Keep in touch and even provide after-sales support automatically.

  • Dating and other social interactions
    Let your imagination go on this one.

How can Questionnaire AutomationTM do it for you?

  • Visit the site...
        Review the examples
        You will have the opportunity to discuss the system electronically

  • If you are a good candidate, we will have a brief conversation to define your needs
    Our business model does not rely on 'after-sales' service. It is to your advantage, and ours, that you use the system with a minimum of effort, and, from our experience, with no problems.

  • The questionnaire can be installed...
    on our hardware, and linked to your site
    the system can be installed on your IIS server

  • You can be up and running very quickly, if we provide all the techno-stuff.
    You just figure out what you want to ask and say.

  • You don't need to have (and pay for) SQL, word processors, spreadsheets, or any other software, although you can use those tools with the information.

    TQ Questionnaire Automation TM
distributed by Chair-Pros