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Thruster model Longboards
44" Deck, 3 degree Toe-heal Concave,
7-ply Canadian Maple, 7" Invader trucks,
"Orbit Force" 64 mm. wheels
Select a pattern by moving the mouse over the names below.
red ball   Hawaii        
red ball   Rainbow        
red ball   Classic        
red ball   Palm         
red ball   EB Classic        
red ball   Flower        
Product Displays

Using a foreground template
over background patterns
Model A
The example to the left uses JPEGs that are replaced with mouseovers.

There were a set of designs used on several products. The JPEG designs could be preloaded once, and replaced in the background under a largely-opaque product GIF. The example on the right uses this method.

Select a pattern by moving the mouse over the names below.
red ball   Flower        
red ball   Utopia        
red ball   Mars        
red ball   Serpent          
red ball   Tahitian        
red ball   Knievil        
red ball   Camo        
red ball   New Flame        
red ball   Classic        
Mexico, Central America, South America
Australia, New Zealand
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