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This is an example of a commercial Web site with product information and a purchasing capability. There are about 80 HTML pages and 80 ASP pages.
For an overview, visit one large page with thumbnails of many of these pages.
The links above are live. I would especially encourage you to explore, and visit the 911 dispatch page and some product pages. Chair-pros is full of original animations and graphic treatments that invite the visitor to call my friend, and ergomeister extraordinaire, Erik.
An eBay eStore was used for volume and discounted items. Now, all transactions are done at this site.
Of particular interest on this site:
  • All the HTML and ASP is hand-coded. For efficiency, inline styles were used, and careful attention was given to using HTML files instead of ASP files. The pages are designed to be attractive and balanced whether the viewer has 200 or 1600 pixels in a window.
  • The art is original.
  • The LEASING and CREDIT APPLICATION form is original. It is entirely driven with VBScripting, using client cookies and server flat files to record postings and track editing.
  • The SHOPPING CART is original. Prices and descriptions are read from comma-delineated files created from Excel files. The database is therefore maintained by the proprietor.
  • HTML emails can be generated from lists and can be automatically driven by an ASP file.
  • An effort is made to assure that visitors remain on the site. It is entertaining and responsive. Everything is designed to invite visitors to 'participate' in the review of the product lines. For instance, the placement of the animated mouseover directly under the navigation controls ensures that the visitor is aware of where he is. The various mouseovers used with navigation provoke interest: the 'contact us' animation remains subtle and active. It encourages the visitor to 'close' a contact with Erik.
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